Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bring on the Pot...Crock Pot that is!

Catchy title don't you think?! I had to do something that would grab my enormous (in my dreams) following!

Seriously, today is all about that thing you love to hate....the Crock Pot! I don't know about y'all, but after 2 or 3 meals, everything tastes the same that is cooked in it. Well listen up my friends, your world is about to be rocked by this amazingly simple and oh so delectable dish.

As you all know, we love us some fine bar-b-que in the south. Tomato, vinegar or mustard based, it is all tasty and it is all about what you prefer. In my house we love mustard based...thanks to Maurice's Barbeque. While it is a bit controversial that they fly the confederate flag on the roof of their business, they make some mean barbeque.

I have been in such a rut for meals for my family, that I knew that I had best get my act together or be reduced to eating Beenie Weenies. I scored a home run tonight and you can score one tomorrow night with this fab-o meal.

Without further chatter, here you go....

Crock Pot Pork Loin Roast

1 3-4 lb pork roast
6 whole cloves
salt & pepper
2 onions

Slice 1 onion and place in the bottom of your pot.

Take roast and push the whole cloves into the top and salt and pepper it to taste. Place on top of onions.

Slice second onion and scatter on top of roast.

Add enough water to fill pot about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way full.

Put top on and cook on low for 7-9 hours.

Once roast is done and very tender, remove it from the pot, remove the cloves and discard the water and onions. Put the roast back in the pot and shred it up.

Add your favorite barbeque sauce and set on low for an hour or so more. You may need to add a little water or broth to keep it from getting to dry.

That is it! How simple is that, and they will think you slaved for hours!

Franny's notes:
What I love about this is how easy it is. The next best thing about it is that I picked up the pork roast while at Target waiting for a prescription. I was okay to buy the meat, as it was prepackaged by Hormel and looked beautiful with no funky colors. Guys....this roast was $6.49! Can you stand it?? What a bargain! For the sauce, I used John Boy and Billy's sweet and mild Grillin' Sauce. When I make this again, because you know I will now make it until my family says, "dear God not again!" I will use Bone Suckin' Sauce. I just didn't have any and the thought of going to the grocery store was more than Icould handle. I will be serving this over rice, again because that is what I have, but it would be phenom on good seeded buns.

Let me address the clove ingredient.........don't lose me on this! I was super skeptical at first, but it gives the faintest hint of flavor. Whole cloves are in the spice aisle...likely in the glass jars. If you have an Earth Fare near you, you can buy cloves by the ounce. Whole Foods or fresh market may do it too. At Earth Fare they are in the section with vitamens, loose herbs, etc...go figure. my point on this is, that I got a small Ziploc bag of cloves for less than a buck and have more than plenty for many many more roasts.

Let me know how it goes! xoxox

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Batman...

Today's entry is in honor of my crazy, new friend Martha. Martha is an absolute riot and the sayings that come out of her mouth are second to none. Martha and I sit and chat most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons while Maggie is in dance. Martha owns a children's consignment store in Rock Hill, SC, so if you are ever this way let me know and I will hook you up with her. Not only the deals you will find on great clothes, but her fabulous southern wit will make the fact that you went to Rock Hill worth it!

So today, Martha and I were chatting about great dinner dishes. The subject of pork tenderloins came up, as that is what is on the menu at my house tonight. In the course of chatting, I remembered this amazing "Slap your Momma", "Holy Batman", "Fantabulous" recipe for pork tenderloin.

If you are Catholic and observing no meat Fridays, make this on Saturday otherwise sprint to the store this instant to get the ingredients for Friday night's dinner. Y'all, no lie, it is that incredible!

Here goes...

Cinnamon Pork Tenderloin

2 lb pork tenderloin

Mix together:
4 Tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 Tablespoons sherry (cooking sherry is fine)
1 teaspoon ginger
2 teaspoons dry mustard

Put pork tenderloin in roasting pan and pour the above mixture over it.

Bake at 325 for 1 hour or until internal temperature is 160. Baste the pork about every 15 minutes while it is cooking.

Franny's notes:
I always have this one of 2 ways. The first way is just sliced and served with garlic cheese grits. The second way is to slice it very thinly and serve on rolls for entertaining. Either way you cannot go wrong. Next crucial point....if you do not have an electronic meat thermometer go get one now! All these years that I have been making this, come to find out that I have also been cooking it way too long. This little gadget is a meal saver. Mine is Taylor brand, but I think that Pampered Chef also makes one. One of the best things about it is that when the meat reaches the temperature that you have set on the thermometer it sets off this buzzer that doesn't quit until you go stop it.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it and what you serve with it, because I am sure I lost over half my meager audience when I said to serve it with grits! xoxox

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brunch Anyone?

Oh my....did you think that you had gotten rid of me? No such luck...sorry! It has been a bit crazy around this house and every day that I say, "I am adding a recipe today", it clearly has not happened. So, without any further chit chat, here is my offering for today.

This is one of the best breakfast/brunch dishes I have ever had. It is easy, because you do most of it the night before. I have also found that it is a most welcome change from the egg and sausage casserole that I know y'all have all had at least a dozen times!

Further on this, I have substituted egg beaters for the eggs and fat free half and half for the full strength. There is no difference is taste, but a pile of difference in fat and calories. For the maple syrup, you may ONLY use the real deal. If you are like me, you grew up on Log Cabin and Aunt Jemima....LISTEN can only use real maple syrup for this recipe! I know that it is ridiculously priced, but suck it up and get it.

Here we go:

Overnight Pecan French Toast

1-1 1/2 loves of french bread (each slice should be about 1 inch thick)

Mix together:
8 eggs
1 cup half and half
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla

Pour 1 cup into a greased,sprayed 13x9 pan. Arrange the french bread slices over the egg mixture. I pack them tight! Once all bread is arranged, pour the remaining egg mixture over the bread, cover with foil and refrigerate over night.

In the morning...

Microwave together:
1 stick of butter
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2-3/4 cup REAL maple syrup
1/2-3/4 cup finely chopped pecans

Microwave this together for about 2 minutes (until butter melts), stir well and pour over the bread.

Bake, uncovered at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown and set.

Franny's notes:
For the french bread, I use the skinny loaves that come from the bakery at the grocery store. It usually takes about 1 1/2 loaves. Once I take this out of the oven, I let it cool quite a bit. I promise y'all, that whoever you serve this too, they will go crazy over it! Simply said, it is FABOLICIOUS!